Hi! I’m Jen. I live by the beach in California with my husband, young daughter and two teeny dogs. I love green juice, essential oils, crystals, coffee and traveling. But most of all, I love skincare!

I have spent more than two decades in the spa industry as a licensed esthetician, specializing in modern holistic skincare. Before graduating with a degree in Journalism and Art History, I went to study at the Sorbonne in Paris, then on to work for some of the finest spas in Florida and Southern California as an esthetician.

During my career, I also became a national educator in skincare, traveling the country to spas including The Standard, Exhale Mind Body Spa, Allyu Chicago, Ballantyne Resort & Spa, Ajune NYC, Buffalo Thunder Resort & Spa, La Posada de Santa Fe, Tru Spa, Senspa San Francisco, The Hall Center, M Aesthetics Beverly Hills, and teaching estheticians and massage therapists to incorporate eastern and western techniques with extensive skin and product knowledge.

When I became pregnant with my daughter, I also became obsessed with nutrition. This led me to pursue a Master’s Degree in Holistic Nutrition – a goal that I will finish very very soon!

I’ve incorporated all I’ve learned over these last 2 decades into my holistic skincare practice and I truly believe that plants are our best beauty tools! I love helping women clear their skin, improve their health and reveal their true beauty, naturally, through plant-powered nutrition, skincare and true self-care. Whether you are a local client of mine, choose my skincare coaching, or want more information on my beauty books and essential oils, my goal is to help you grow into your true plant-powered beauty!