Sunshine Therapy


Sunshine therapy. 
Let’s chat about it. 
Many of us were taught that sunshine is the root of all skin aging as well as the big c- word for skin. we’re told to slaughter ourselves with SPF 1 million even when we’re staying indoors unto avoid son exposure at all costs. 
But what if that weren’t e x a c t l y the truth?

Our bodies were built to gain nourishment from nature. Our bodies were built to live in nature. Our bodies were built to be outside! Sunshine provides our bodies with the ability to make vitamin D3 in a way that cannot be replicated in supplement form. Sunshine also provides infrared light that boost serotonin levels and healing in the body. Ironically the ingredients in a lot of these chemical sunscreens are potentially carcinogenic. Isn’t that interesting?

Now, we’ve done the number to our ozone, so we do need to keep in mind the best ways to gain benefits from sunshine without over exposing. 
I absolutely Love Nadine Artemis as an expert in this field. She speaks often about sunshine therapy And how it relates to wellness and skin care. I’ll add a link to one of her talks in my bio as well as in the comments for you. I think that you’ll find a lot of helpful information from what she has to say And hopefully it will relieve some of the fears surrounding sunshine for you. 

Nadine Artemis Sunshine Talk

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