Divine Feminine


I’ve struggled with balancing my divine masculine and feminine energies most of my life, and without knowing it. My childhood was a mixture of magic and uncertainty that led me to often crave control. The lessons of my past blessed me with the drive to want to make things happen and a strong work ethic, but left me unequipped in the area of receptivity and release.

What is the Divine Feminine and what does it have to do with the skin? Each of us has both masculine and feminine energy. Ideally these opposite energies would stay balanced and one would take over temporarily when needed, then settle back. Masculine energy is what gives us confidence, the drive to achieve and build and make things happen. It is the “doing” energy. Feminine energy is our own Divine Mother. It’s creation. It helps us stay open to receiving and is a great healer. It’s our intuitive nature and the energy we use to birth ideas. Both of these energies are needed to grow. When someone is more fully in their masculine energy, they can feel like they are spinning their wheels trying to make things happen. They can feel frustrated or exhausted or anxious. This can lead to and imbalance in digestive fire and dehydration. It can also lead to muscle tension and high stress which all affect the skin negatively by shutting down body communication – FLOW. When someone is more fully in their feminine energy, they can lack the motivation to follow through and may not feel like they’re accomplishing anything. They can be too much “in their own head” or detached from the real world. Empaths can often feel too much in their feminine energy – constantly picking up on other energy around them and holding onto it. This can lead you to possibly feel like you’re sacrificing your own truth or not allowing yourself to be heard. You can also feel taken advantage of. All of these stuck emotions can lead to stagnant energy and a lower vibration, which in turn can affect your skin with stagnation, uneven skin tone and even breakouts. In this world, however, I’ve found that most of us are stuck in our masculine energy – it’s how we are programmed with the constant on-the-go, competitive, all hustle no flow, stay busy mentality.

For those who need to embrace their divine feminine, try this:

Ritual Bathing – bathing can be very therapeutic. I love add crystals like rose quartz to my bathwater, along with sea and Epsom salt, Rose and Jasmine and Geranium essential oils and flower petals. Bathe, submerging your head at least three times in order to fully immerse. Listen to peaceful music, or a calming meditation. I absolutely LOVE sound bowls for this bath-time ritual as well. You can find crystal sound bowls on you tube or google play music, etc. Download your favorite and listen while bathing. Allow your body to relax and focus on opening and receiving.

Ritual Bath Recipe

Organic rose petals, 1 cup Epsom salt, 1/2 cup sea salt, 1 drop each Rose, Geranium and Jasmine (or 3 drops Joy blend form Young Living), rose quartz crystals. Add all to warm bath and place hands over water to bless before entering. Say “I love you” 3 times to bless.

Essential Oils for Release – many essential oils have the powerful ability to help the body release stuck emotions and remove blocks. Essential oils have a naturally high frequency vibration so they will help to raise your own when used properly. I love this roller recipe for Feminine Energy and Release: Add 5 drops each Release, Sandalwood and Joy oil blend to a 10 ml glass roller bottle. Fill with liquid coconut oil and secure roller top. Roll over heart and on feet and wrists daily as needed – this is great to apply before meditation.

Meditation – There are many great Divine Feminine guided meditations available – just do a quick google search! Meditation is a powerful mental tool that connects you back to your body and allows you to “check in” to see what is working for you and what no longer serves you. It’s an opportunity to slow down and focus on the present moment, releasing worry and stress. Daily mediation, even for 15 minutes, can help to get us out of our masculine energy and try on our feminine energy. I like placing my hands over my abdomen while lying down in mediation in order to focus my intention on my sacral area.

Creative Outlets – feminine energy is creative energy, so when we are creative we are tapping into it! Painting, gardening, singing, dancing, writing, decorating, cooking, swimming, or doing anything that allows you to get out of your head and into your heart. Do what you love doing just for the fun of it – and you will embrace your feminine energy. Kids are great teachers for this!

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